Oak and glass staircase in a hallway with limited natural light

Staircase Renovation

What is a Staircase Renovation

Here at Modernise Your Stairs we specialise in bespoke Staircase Renovations. The beauty of a staircase renovation is it doesn’t involve any mess, fuss or building work. You can keep the structure of your staircase such as the stringers, these are the sides of the stairs. And also keep the treads and risers. But what a staircase renovation involves is completely removing the existing newel posts and securely replacing them with new oak, painted or dyed posts. The stringers are overclad with a veneer that matches the posts and the beuty is it will look like a brand new staircase. We will also install new handrails and baserails that can either have spindles, glass or wrought iron between them. In some cases we even overclad the treads and risers with new oak treads if you do not want to carpet up them.

Areas We Cover

Despite the vast majority of our Staircase Renovations in the North West, we do offer a nationwide service and have provided Staircase Renovations in the following areas. Scotland, Nottingham, Leeds, Worcester, London, Lancaster, Cumbria, Harrogate etc so don’t be shy about enquiring.

Staircase Showroom

For those of you who are local to Wigan, we invite you down to our Staircase Showroom situated on Horton Street WN6 7TF. Here we have a wide variety of Staircases to choose from. Our ranges are endless and we can design a staircase that will best suit your home and also your budget. Our Staircase Showroom boasts to be one of the largest in the country so you will not be disappointed and will be spoilt for choice.

Getting A Quote

We advise you to either bring in or email us photographs of your existing staircase and our team of highly trained experts can work out a personalised quote and once you are happy with your quote will arrange a home survey in which our design team can talk you through our range of options. Such as materials, colours and patterns.

What our Customers think

We have been proudly going about our business now for 20 years and we have hundreds of 5 star reviews which you can read for yourself on platforms such as reviews.co.uk, google, yell and facebook. If you do choose to have one of our staircases you will be sure to be Stepping Up In Style.