Staircase Ideas

When designing a staircase, sometimes less can be more, the term we use for that is ‘minimalism’. We get a lot of customers coming into our staircase showroom and looking through the different styles and designs of handrails, spindles and newel caps. Sometimes they can spend hours feeling and looking to ensure they choose the perfect style to suit their home. But one of our most popular choice is our pattern 5 handrail with a square chamfered newel cap with square newel posts and spindles (if they opt for them instead of glass). It sounds basic but it works. 

Staircase Showroom

The beauty of a designer staircase is they work in more or less every home. We recently had the pleasure of completing a staircase renovation in a 300 year old cottage. There was so much character to the home with exposed oak beams, original plaster on the walls and the existing stone flooring in the hallway had been cleaned and polished. Our client loved the look but wanted to add something new and modern to the cottage to put a new chapter in it’s history and say this was her mark. She opted for a polished oak staircase with glass panels. The oak was carefully selected and in this case she wanted as many knots and medullary rays as possible to keep it innkeeping with the original oak beams on show. The new bespoke staircase complimented the house beautifully with the old and new side by side. 

Cottage Staircase

Many interior designers will tell you to make the staircase the feature in the hallway. By that we mean don’t try and match your flooring or carpet or wallpaper to a similar colour to your stairs. Lighter colours tend to match an oak staircase perfectly making it completely stand out by adding contrast. We recently renovated a dated ranch style 60’s staircase and turned it into a stunning walnut modern staircase. Walnut is a dark colour, so we appreciate it does not suit every home. But in this case our customer had walnut doors so wanted us to match them. They kept the carpet runner a light grey, the flooring in the hallway a light colour, the walls were painted white apart from the feature wall running up the staircase they had wallpapered. Because the colours are basic and the staircase is very bold it instantly turns the staircase into a stunning feature focal point in the hallway. 

Walnut Staircase