November 1, 2021
A great little Marketing Vehicle We can’t help but love our Mini Clubvan. It has been in our fleet since 2013 when we were toying
November 1, 2021
Hand Crafted Staircases Here at Modernise Your Stairs we don’t just renovate existing tired old staircases, we also hand craft bespoke hardwood staircases. As we
October 21, 2021
When designing a staircase, sometimes less can be more, the term we use for that is ‘minimalism’. We get a lot of customers coming into
October 14, 2021
Scotland, an absolute beautiful part of the world. From vast open countryside to historic towns and villages it’s always a pleasure to visit. We recently
October 1, 2021
Hi, I’m Chad Wilson and along with my dad Shane am a director here at Vale of Wigan. Who are Modernise Your Stairs? The company
September 22, 2021
Are you tired of looking at the same boring staircase that needs sanding and painting every couple of years? Thinking of updating your existing staircase

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