New Staircase

Does a new staircase add value to your home?

Are you tired of looking at the same boring staircase that needs sanding and painting every couple of years? Thinking of updating your existing staircase but are put off by perhaps the cost? Well, not many people realise that a new staircase could potentially increase the value of your home. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, in most cases the staircase is the first thing people are greeted with when entering your home, now imagine what that could do if it was transformed into a stunning focal point. It wouldn’t just add cost value to your home but also adds desirability if you ever came to sell the property. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this is crucial when it comes to selling your home, with a Staircase Renovation potential buyers would look at your stunning, sleek and elegant centre piece and instantly put their mind at ease by assuming that your house has been excellently maintained to the highest of standards. A well crafted and installed staircase can last a lifetime, with a French polished and lacquered hardwood staircase it means we no longer have to spend our hard earned weekends sanding and painting tatty, chipped spindles all for them to turn yellow and the paint to flake a couple of years later.

A carefully designed staircase can also perceive how we see things, for example if you have a narrow hallway with limited natural light, a staircase with spindles can make a hallway and landing look even smaller, now imagine if we add clear glass panels instead, we completely open up the staircase allowing more natural and artificial light to flow through, tricking our brain into seeing a much brighter, spacious and wider area. The same can be said for a staircase that is already in an open area like a living room for example, if you already have a large area then I would advise perhaps a designer twisted spindle to balance the aesthetics of the room so it doesn’t look too bland. For inspiration why not come down to our impressive showroom Modernise Your Stairs, Horton Street, Wigan, WN6 7TF.

Oak and glass staircase in a hallway with limited natural light
oak and glass staircase
oak staircase with oak balustrade in quite a wide hallway
Oak Staircase